February 10th, 2003


go ahead- ask me anything

anonymous posting is enabled, and ip logging is disabled. All comments will be screened if you want to ask me something but keep your identity or question secret. I will answer every question. If you just want to tell me something and want to keep it a secret, that's fine too. If you were wondering what to get me for my birthday- here's your big chance. I want... to hold your interest. Please note if you want to be identified in the response- unless you say so, all things said here will be kept strictly confidential. However, I will try to make all responses public. update- screening disabled except for anonymous posts

Questions received: 4
Questions answered: 4 (First set here.)
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first set of responses

1. blue... no, green AAAAH!Collapse )

2a. Poly. Collapse )

2b. BDSM. Collapse )

3. enthusiastic pervert. Collapse )

Alrighty then! Any more? The lines are still open. Tell me a secret, share a fantasy, ask me something revealing. Feel free to post anonymously, and I promise to keep all responses to these posts screened and just between you and me, unless you say otherwise. update- screening disabled except for anonymous posts
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