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on korean food and control

I love Korean food.

The great thing about nearly every korean restaurant I've been in, which could be viewed as a very bad thing, too: there's always a great variety of appetizers that come with your meal, always complimentary, very rarely the same thing, and fairly often not even the same thing as other tables get. By eating Korean, you give up a tremendous amount of freedom/control about what you're going to eat, but the tradeoff (experience/variety) is almost always worth it. Sure, sometimes you get peas in mayonnaise, but then there are days like today where you get crispy fish in a spicy barbecue sauce(almost like buffalo wing sauce), fiddleheads, and other yummy pickles and kimchi. You have to be a certain kind of person, in my book, someone who appreciates the ride more than they demand to know where they're going.

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