December 30th, 2002


eye am

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image taken in near-infrared using Olympus C-4000 with Hoya R72 filter, 10 sec exposure

I'm developing a certain style and knowledge about the response of the camera to infrared. What I've learned will help immensely in taking good pictures in visible light as well. Today was a thorougly unproductive day, and even though I took hundreds of shots I really only have this one good clean image to report. I've left it open to public, instead of just the pictures group, so that people can have a look. I've also taken a new icon in the infrared, as seen here.

I'm going to have to wait until it gets a little warmer to seriously start taking photos, and I'm really dying to do figure studies, but I suppose that will have to wait on finding models willing to put up with my fumbling and willing to have potentially very good and/or very bad and/or very creepy pictures of themselves posted public. I either need a lot of sunlight or some decent tungsten lighting for doing serious portraiture and figure studies. I could also shade the lighing with infrared gels to limit glare and allow more comfortable facial expressions.

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Lots to learn. I'm calming down a lot now. I've been very anxious to do something to "improve" things, but I'm trying to relax now and just let the future happen.