August 18th, 2002


on LAX

ick. why, to get from gate 45 to gate 35, does a security guard need at least a minute to explain how to do it! why do i have to walk outside, past gate 100 to do it?

a passenger was removed for bad behavior on the last flt. i slept thru it, apparently.

gotta board. see you in san jose.
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getting used to SV

i'm almost acclimated here. the campus is very beautiful and although the weather seems so cold, i have no complaints.

a little wistful that im not doing 'important' work- while what i do enables the really important work to happen, im not nearly doing big science like they do here. all the ir and nmr pics here make me remember a time when i cared what they meant.

server upgrade done, now babysitting data upload and migration. i have a nice window office. blue clear sky. quiet.

they are quite happy and this will likely generate more business. yay!

be seeing you!
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