May 25th, 2002

happytoast power lines

a momentary lapse of time

Not posting, not posting. Very tired from a week's work at AZ, which is a really bad scene due to a lack of care and attention on the part of both my coworkers and my client's employees. Frustrating.

I've created a new icon, for when I'm in a t-shirt philosophy mood. This is from a tshirt I idolized at April Whitby and alas, all the shirts were too small.

Heard a song I haven't listened to in a while:

My friend's got a boyfriend, man she hates that dick, She tells me every day;
He wants more dinero just to stay at home, Well my friend, You gotta say:
I won't pay, I won't pay ya, no waaaay; naa naa Why don't you get a job;
Say no way, say no way, no waaaay; naa naa Why don't you get a job.
-The Offspring, Why Don't You Get A Job.

well, that's the shallow update. Going to Mystic for the day tomorrow. Long weekend, and then it's back to DE.
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my one year anniversary with LJ

Ah. Today is my one year anniversary psting to livejournal. I think I was able to manage this for a year without becoming bored or frustrated with it, so I'll keep it. I think I've used it for a large number of personal purposes, and it has evolved/come awake more over time by not trying to force it into a single use. So there- a milestone reached.
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