May 6th, 2002


some minor lifestyle changes

1. In the process of giving up TV altogether. Watched some lastnight, about 1 hr, and hated it. I started giving it up prior to Whitby, and although I knew I was going to watch some in the UK (because it's just too much fun to see the difference) I'd already agreed that when we got back I was going to cut it down to ~0.

2. more reading. I need to get back into a cycle of reading for the sake of it.

3. more writing. I need to get back into a cycle of writing for my sanity. I do it professionally and I've been using that as an excuse for my exhaustion at the thought of writing *real* things.

4. diet changes. I am abandoning Kosher altogether. We'd been keeping a Kosher home, but that discipline has grown pointless and annoying. I'm trying the yoghurt thing, as well.

5. more exercise. I really enjoyed an hour walk last night. I need to commit to an hour of exercise every evening, outdoors, when the weather is favorable.

6. more hedonism. I need to spend more time focusing on my own pleasure today, rather than spending so much time investing for the future. I have maybe one or two more years of focused saving to lock in a secure retirement, so now's the time to reassess and reanalyse.


Just finished watching Following, a film LL rented to make up for the fact that although I wanted to see Memento, it became clear for reasons I have successfully completely blocked from memory that I could not watch that film. I enjoyed "Following" a lot, it features an intensely sadistic (in the sense I use the word) anti-hero. Memento might have been fun to watch, but i suspected early on that it was going to be the kind of film that I would have liked to have not seen, such as Nightmare on Elm Street or Seven. I have no problem with gruesome/horror films (e.g. American Psycho and Quills were films I enjoyed a lot), I just can't watch some films. I very much enjoy films which use disjointed time presentation well. I recommend it.
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