November 6th, 2001


NOLA... a bit of a let down

Some have attributed this to the fact that I'm old now, but the French Quarter was a bit of a let down. Too many drunken frat boy types, and the persistent smell of stale urine, beer, and garbage. I'm not really sure what I expected, but there you have it. I have decided our biggest mistake was walking out onto Bourbon Street sober on saturday evening, but you know, if you have to be drunk to have a good time, you're not having a good time. I think if you're having a good time and are drunk, that's ok, though- and it would have been nice to be royally pissed for a change. I got considerably toasty on Sunday afternoon and it seemed a bit more fun.

All in all, Abita Amber is a decent pint, and the food is quite acceptable, but you can do just as well in Key West, IMO.
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