August 24th, 2001


the day wasn't productive, but

I was. I got a lot accomplished, and continue to look very good, through it all. I'm progressing along with the learning, finally, after almost a year of stalling on learning new web concepts. I *still* feel that CSS is just a glorified include file, truth be told, but I'm beginning to see the uses, now that I have more than, oh, *two* pages to apply them to. I'm learning how to integrate vbscript and crystal reports, and using the dreamweaver tool some. This is going to be a working weekend, looks like.
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curse of the jade scorpion

Good movie. I like Woody Allen, probably to my own detriment, but he is one of the few *filmmakers* that we have. I really enjoyed this one, it being fun and smart and perverse. At least one of these a year. It's a movie I doubt will pull in any awards, but it's the movie that deserves to be seen, as opposed to be made a spectacle of.