June 9th, 2001

happytoast power lines


Well, Im shipwrecked! Here in Houston, its 2am and I dont have any idea whether Im going to make it out of here. Even the airport is completely flooded. Theyve cancelled everything until tomorrow afternoon. Bah! What a great idea- fly direct and dont stop at home. I could be curled up in my bed instead of stuck in a smelly airport. Doh.
happytoast power lines

24 hours

and still here in houston. Im posting from my palm. talked to g. some an hour ago and i feel better. i couldnt get a signal all day b/c of the storm and even the payphones were dead. no hotel. homeless. id trade my body for a shower and a bed. any takers? thought not, all of houston is as fucked as me. Ive got to remember not to take it out on my coworkers next week no matter how much they deserve it.
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