May 28th, 2001

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Dracula's Ball

Just returned home from a weekend in the Philly region: I feel like I've found new friends. Last weekend I hosted a goth beach trip, and Karen and Rick from the philly/trenton region attended. They invited us to dracula's ball- OMGoth! it was so not the gypsy violin toting event I thought it might be. Very good playlists. I had a great time. Karen and Rick are very cool- perhaps more so than I think. They had us sleep over and when we woke it was a traditional memorial day picnic and a great soak in their hottub.
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what is up with bad timing!

so I'm all decked out in a ice-print black pvc catsuit, purple and black tights with purple fishnets over, 1"spiky acrylic+mirrored collar and 5"heel patent leather thigh-hi boots. as we *leave* the club, an attractive woman is chasing after me totally gawking over my outfit and perving. It's like, I'm leaving with my friends, the nite is over, why couldn't you have introduced on the dancefloor or something where I'd have the time to respond properly? I wish people would perv over me on my schedule, it's not much to ask.
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