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Thoughts on LOTR

Yielded, and went to see it this afternoon. Well, it's less sleep inducing than his writing. Ian Holm does the best of them all, as Bilbo. I heard about all I could take about Arwen wielding a sword, and for fuck's sake, does anyone give a crap? The film would have passed from insufferably homoerotic to Edgar Rice Burroughs homoerotic had Arwen's aggressiveness not brought it from the brink. I can't wait for the sad fools who buy the n-DVD set on the premise of sitting down and "watching it all in one day". I think I'll feel the same way about it as Star Wars- sitting and puzzling why some people revere it as a religion.
Case in point- Gandalf's "Obi Wan" speech about doing the right thing with the life you've been given. I know people hear this again and again, and if there is any truth in it, is that nearly nobody actually follows that advice. There's always those "if only I had done this" or "if I had done that" or "if I could go back in time" and really, if you listen to what's being said there, you're a product now of what you've seen then, so buck up and get on with it. I think I despise those that worship this crap as a religion more because that they never see the truth inside their own faith. Too many morons willing to bawl about how they've not the character of Frodo or Gandalf or Arwen- wake up! if you actually put any true faith in that crap, you'd find those words of advice hollow- telling you to do the right thing tells you less than nothing if you aren't already doing the right thing.
It's the time of year, I guess, to step on other people's religions. These made up ones are just easier, I guess.

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