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on prescience

The New Republic has just penned a piece on the Pope, predicting that he might be already dead even though it was posted 3/31 and isn't scheduled for print until 4/11. The sad reality is the precience: the news this morning reports that Pope John Paul II is in "grave" condition.

I've never really known another Pope. JPII has been Pope as long as I can remember, even though I vaguely remember the brief reign of JPI. I'm not a big believer in the merits of democratic elections, and to my way of thinking, there's something oddly appealing about the corporatist election of a pope by a body of Cardinals. Even though I identify as a Humanist Jew now, I was originally born and raised Catholic, and time reallly doesn't take much of the holic out of the cat. The downside of being a marginal fascist is that there's not a good understanding of an ethical fascism, nor has there ever been a graceful transition under a fascist state, unless you're willing to go the extra step and look to the Vatican as a functioning, (debateably) ethical fascist corporatist state.

The sad thing is, JPII hasn't allowed that transition to happen before this date, as, i guess, is his right. Therefore, we can only wish for two outcomes: that he recovers soon, or that his passing is peaceful. I don't envision either is much of a possibility. Being a leader is no easy task, and no sacrament can provide relief from a life filled with endless decisions on behalf of the population of the world. Anarchism abdicates this burden entirely, and dishonestly: you cannot simply think globally, and act locally. The past twenty years have seen a shrinking of the world and a transformation of the paradigm that has rendered all philosophical systems subject to heavy review. Karol Wojtyla has carried a large burden through this time, and one can only hope that he can find peace in his God and Jesus.

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