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no sleep til kitten

I am markedly stronger than last month: at best with the first snow I needed to take two breaks before finishing, now I can do the front in basically one pass. The driveway needs touchup but everything else is cleared. Owning a house is definitely an improvement in activity level.

Kittens demand the foods at foodstime, and there is no sleepy dalliance in the morning when they have decided the bedmonster must be attacked at all cost. Gateaux ("toe!") is the smaller of the two, and started out a bit scaredier, but has exhibited much braveness and is prone to fits of climbinatoriousness. Ganache ("nosh!") has a prominent white stripe under her chin and is by far the more aggressive, although when they were introduced to Truffles ("truck!") she took a "meh" attitude and parked herself on the blanket, whereas Gateaux was the territorial, hissy one. Truffles does NOT know how to react to all this. She's parked outside the bedroom watching shadows under the door.

gateaux and ganache ganache and gateaux gateaux truffles, confused infracat!

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