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on what interests the people who are of interest

Things hbergeron's friends are interested in:

Things hbergeron is interested in are shown in italics .

The popularity of an interest among LiveJournal users as a whole is denoted by the background color of its row:

1 2-9 10-99 100-999 1000-9999 10000-99999 100000+

18 writing bard_bloom, beetiger,bradhicks,caracarn, dawnalone, diamond_j, en_ki, forcemajeure, foreverdirt, gen, hbergeron, kiia, kornia, mrshellion, namfle, sunfell, sythyry, villagechick
14 music   caracarn, cogshiftingman, dawnalone, diamond_j, en_ki, forcemajeure, kitty_goth, kornia, mrshellion, namfle, photonutz, pookfreak, sunfell, zoo_music_girl
12 cooking beetiger, bronxelf_ag001, caracarn, deadprogrammer, diamond_j, en_ki, gen, hbergeron, pookfreak, sarahparah, sunfell, sythyry
10 science fiction   bard_bloom, bradhicks, deadprogrammer, kiia, kristenlou, namfle, origamislayer, sunfell, sythyry, zoo_music_girl
9 cats   bradhicks, caracarn, en_ki, gen, hbergeron, kitty_goth, pookfreak, stitchinthyme, sunfell
9 polyamory   bard_bloom, beetiger, bradhicks, emeraldgrrl, goddessofsex, janezero, kitty_goth, sythyry, yesthattom
9 reading   bradhicks, caracarn, diamond_j, en_ki, forcemajeure, janigrey, kornia, pookfreak, zoo_music_girl
9 sex   bradhicks, caracarn, goddessofsex, janezero, kitty_goth, kornia, kristenlou, murnkay, yesthattom
9 sushi beetiger, bronxelf_ag001, diamond_j, en_ki, kornia, lapis_lazuli, mrshellion, pookfreak, villagechick
8 art bronxelf_ag001, caracarn, dawnalone, kornia, kristenlou, photonutz, villagechick, zoo_music_girl
8 books baculus, forcemajeure, gothgems, juamei, kristenlou, lapis_lazuli, villagechick, zoo_music_girl
8 coffee cogshiftingman, dawnalone, emeraldgrrl, en_ki, janigrey, kitty_goth, kornia, murnkay
8 history bradhicks, diamond_j, forcemajeure, juamei, lapis_lazuli, pa76, sunfell, villagechick
8 photography caracarn, deadprogrammer, en_ki, gen, kornia, kristenlou, photonutz, pookfreak
7 computers caracarn, cogshiftingman, dawnalone, kitty_goth, origamislayer, sunfell, yesthattom
7 fantasy bard_bloom, beetiger, dawnalone, kiia, namfle, origamislayer, sythyry
7 travel hbergeron, kornia, kristenlou, lapis_lazuli, pa76, pookfreak, villagechick
6 bdsm bradhicks, goddessofsex, janezero, janigrey, kitty_goth, pookfreak
6 bisexuality goddessofsex, janezero, kitty_goth, kornia, villagechick, yesthattom
6 wine caracarn, cogshiftingman, diamond_j, kitty_goth, kristenlou, sunfell
5 cheese bovril, juamei, kornia, kristenlou, murnkay
5 eddie izzard cogshiftingman, diamond_j, kristenlou, lapis_lazuli, villagechick
5 gender bard_bloom, beetiger, kornia, sunfell, sythyry
5 men en_ki, goddessofsex, janezero, kornia, mrshellion
5 movies caracarn, janigrey, kornia, photonutz, pookfreak
5 neil gaiman foreverdirt, gen, kitty_goth, origamislayer, zoo_music_girl
5 new york city bronxelf_ag001, lapis_lazuli, mrshellion, namfle, villagechick
5 philosophy baculus, deadprogrammer, forcemajeure, kornia, sunfell
5 red dwarf en_ki, foreverdirt, kristenlou, sunfell, villagechick
5 rpgs bard_bloom, beetiger, caracarn, dawnalone, sythyry
5 techno bradhicks, caracarn, kitty_goth, namfle, yesthattom
5 theater baculus, bradhicks, diamond_j, forcemajeure, kristenlou
4 atheism bronxelf_ag001, forcemajeure, hbergeron, zoo_music_girl
4 ayn rand bronxelf_ag001, deadprogrammer, kornia, lapis_lazuli
4 bubble wrap foreverdirt, juamei, kornia, lapis_lazuli
4 chocolate gen, kitty_goth, villagechick, zoo_music_girl
4 curry bovril, cogshiftingman, kitty_goth, lapis_lazuli
4 digital photography cogshiftingman, deadprogrammer, gothgems, hbergeron
4 erotica goddessofsex, janezero, kristenlou, yesthattom
4 farscape dawnalone, deadprogrammer, namfle, villagechick
4 food beetiger, bronxelf_ag001, kristenlou, sythyry
4 fucking goddessofsex, hbergeron, janezero, mrshellion
4 kissing bradhicks, goddessofsex, janezero, kitty_goth
4 leather goddessofsex, janezero, mrshellion, yesthattom
4 literature forcemajeure, kornia, kristenlou, photonutz
4 london kitty_goth, lapis_lazuli, villagechick, zoo_music_girl
4 lust goddessofsex, janezero, kristenlou, sarahparah
4 new york caracarn, deadprogrammer, diamond_j, goddessofsex
4 paganism bard_bloom, beetiger, bradhicks, sythyry
4 role playing games bard_bloom, beetiger, namfle, sythyry
4 romance bradhicks, kornia, perspectivism, pookfreak
4 rpg's bard_bloom, caracarn, namfle, sythyry
4 sci-fi bard_bloom, namfle, sythyry, yesthattom
4 science caracarn, forcemajeure, hbergeron, sunfell
4 scrabble caracarn, cogshiftingman, kristenlou, lapis_lazuli
4 sensuality emeraldgrrl, goddessofsex, janezero, pookfreak
4 tarot bard_bloom, bradhicks, caracarn, sythyry
4 tattoos hbergeron, kornia, lapis_lazuli, sarahparah
4 thai food bronxelf_ag001, diamond_j, gen, pookfreak
4 the princess bride dawnalone, en_ki, kitty_goth, zoo_music_girl
4 west wing foreverdirt, janigrey, pookfreak, yesthattom
4 wicca bard_bloom, beetiger, sunfell, sythyry
4 witchcraft bard_bloom, dawnalone, sunfell, sythyry
4 women en_ki, goddessofsex, janezero, kornia
4 words forcemajeure, kristenlou, murnkay, villagechick
3 en_ki, foreverdirt, lapis_lazuli
3 androgyny bard_bloom, sunfell, sythyry
3 architecture bronxelf_ag001, deadprogrammer, forcemajeure
3 astronomy bovril, deadprogrammer, photonutz
3 avocados cogshiftingman, kristenlou, sarahparah
3 baking gen, sarahparah, villagechick
3 barenaked ladies dawnalone, forcemajeure, mrshellion
3 biting emeraldgrrl, goddessofsex, janezero
3 bondage goddessofsex, janezero, kitty_goth
3 boston kristenlou, mrshellion, pookfreak
3 breasts cogshiftingman, goddessofsex, janezero
3 buffy the vampire slayer gothgems, kornia, zoo_music_girl
3 candles gen, kornia, lapis_lazuli
3 chains goddessofsex, janezero, murnkay
3 cinema hbergeron, kornia, kristenlou
3 collars goddessofsex, hbergeron, janezero
3 corsets hbergeron, janezero, kitty_goth
3 created worlds bard_bloom, beetiger, sythyry
3 cunnilingus goddessofsex, janezero, mrshellion
3 dancing kornia, pookfreak, zoo_music_girl
3 design bradhicks, bronxelf_ag001, caracarn
3 doctor who kitty_goth, origamislayer, villagechick
3 dorothy parker bradhicks, villagechick, zoo_music_girl
3 douglas adams forcemajeure, foreverdirt, lapis_lazuli
3 dragons bard_bloom, caracarn, sythyry
3 economics deadprogrammer, forcemajeure, perspectivism
3 edward gorey bronxelf_ag001, kristenlou, villagechick
3 exhibitionism goddessofsex, hbergeron, janezero
3 fellatio goddessofsex, janezero, mrshellion
3 feminism diamond_j, sunfell, yesthattom
3 flirting bradhicks, kristenlou, lapis_lazuli
3 freaks goddessofsex, murnkay, yesthattom
3 french kornia, mrshellion, villagechick
3 friends bradhicks, caracarn, kornia
3 furry bard_bloom, beetiger, sythyry
3 gadgets cogshiftingman, gothgems, murnkay
3 girls goddessofsex, kitty_goth, kornia
3 goth gothgems, kitty_goth, pa76
3 group sex goddessofsex, janezero, kitty_goth
3 h.p. lovecraft bradhicks, caracarn, deadprogrammer
3 harry potter caracarn, origamislayer, villagechick
3 hedonism emeraldgrrl, hbergeron, janezero
3 hiking en_ki, kornia, kristenlou
3 honesty bradhicks, kornia, murnkay
3 iain banks en_ki, kitty_goth, zoo_music_girl
3 linux bradhicks, kitty_goth, origamislayer
3 love janezero, kornia, pookfreak
3 magic baculus, caracarn, murnkay
3 manhattan bronxelf_ag001, deadprogrammer, en_ki
3 mathematics bard_bloom, juamei, sythyry
3 monkeys dawnalone, foreverdirt, murnkay
3 muppets dawnalone, gen, villagechick
3 mythology bradhicks, lapis_lazuli, villagechick
3 neal stephenson en_ki, foreverdirt, perspectivism
3 nipples cogshiftingman, goddessofsex, hbergeron
3 norman borlaug forcemajeure, hbergeron, villagechick
3 nudity en_ki, goddessofsex, janezero
3 objectivism bronxelf_ag001, deadprogrammer, perspectivism
3 oral sex goddessofsex, hbergeron, janezero
3 pagan bard_bloom, sunfell, sythyry
3 parenting beetiger, kristenlou, sythyry
3 people-watching hbergeron, juamei, lapis_lazuli
3 physics cogshiftingman, en_ki, murnkay
3 piercing cogshiftingman, janezero, kitty_goth
3 pink hbergeron, kornia, villagechick
3 poetry caracarn, forcemajeure, kristenlou
3 politics bradhicks, diamond_j, gen
3 pottery bard_bloom, pookfreak, sythyry
3 psychology kornia, lapis_lazuli, perspectivism
3 pvc hbergeron, kitty_goth, zoo_music_girl
3 radiohead forcemajeure, foreverdirt, kornia
3 research emeraldgrrl, hbergeron, lapis_lazuli
3 richard feynman kitty_goth, villagechick, yesthattom
3 roleplaying caracarn, gen, sythyry
3 roses gen, kornia, lapis_lazuli
3 rpg bard_bloom, namfle, sythyry
3 safe sex goddessofsex, janezero, yesthattom
3 salvador dali emeraldgrrl, gen, kornia
3 sapiosexuality beetiger, bradhicks, en_ki
3 sarcasm caracarn, gen, kristenlou
3 sexuality beetiger, goddessofsex, janezero
3 shoes diamond_j, kornia, pookfreak
3 simpsons deadprogrammer, forcemajeure, mrshellion
3 sleep bronxelf_ag001, dawnalone, murnkay
3 sluts goddessofsex, janezero, kitty_goth
3 south park caracarn, kornia, mrshellion
3 spicy food diamond_j, lapis_lazuli, perspectivism
3 star trek emeraldgrrl, namfle, yesthattom
3 tea cogshiftingman, hbergeron, lapis_lazuli
3 technology kitty_goth, lapis_lazuli, sunfell
3 the simpsons caracarn, en_ki, kornia
3 they might be giants en_ki, perspectivism, yesthattom
3 tolkien caracarn, dawnalone, gen
3 tom lehrer foreverdirt, kitty_goth, lapis_lazuli
3 tori amos kornia, mrshellion, perspectivism
3 transmetropolitan baculus, kitty_goth, murnkay
3 truth en_ki, gen, murnkay
3 unix en_ki, kitty_goth, yesthattom
3 world tree bard_bloom, beetiger, sythyry
3 dawnalone, murnkay, namfle
3 cogshiftingman, kornia, perspectivism

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