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Bodyworlds exhibit in Chicago!

The "dont miss this"exhibit of Bodyworlds is now in Chicago, and it is definitely worth the admission price. This is a fabulous tour through real, plastinated corpses dissected to feature various anatomical features and highlighting many of the causes of death. In addition, many of the exhibits are posed to evoke "science as art".

Having seen this in London, it was great to be able to see it again here in the States. The exhibit is slightly better organized, and there were a few new exhibits, including a "man woman and child" circulatory system, "the Archer", "the impact of obesity", and a "bicyclist" whose dimensions were expanded 1.5 times but left in relative proportion so that the dissection has the appearance of an 7 foot giant. Notably missing was the skin cancer display- which may have been sent to California. :) The section on pregnancy and development was very tastefully secluded to one side of the exhibit and clearly labeled- many people habve problems with this part but it is skippable. They also disclaimered it that all the exhibited specimens were naturally obtained due to accident or disease.

The audio tour is available in both laymans terms and medical terms- the "advanced" one was not unintelligible, thought the british accent and "alternate" pronunciations of some of the terms was a little hard to take at times. The audio tour is definitely worth the four bucks.

Apparently the exhibit video sold out within the first two days, but the catalog and book were available in abundance. Post cards were also available: if anyone wants a postcard (limit- first five replies...), just leave me your name and address (all responses are screened) and I will send you one with a personal message!

If you're in LA or Chicago and do not see this exhibit, I will be most upset. The informative nature of this exhibit is worth the three hours it will take you to get through it, and this should be suitable for all ages. It's disturbing, granted, and not for the excessively delicate of sensibilities, but tighten your buckles and dare yourself to take the tour. You will *not* regret it.

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