matt (hbergeronx) wrote,

on things I can do

I've managed to max out on my Linux box with background processes, so I've had to up the memory. Went out and bought a gig of DDR ram and snapped it into the machine, and all is working great. Simple task, but I'm glad I can do it. Coincidentally, my crappy Compaq optical mouse went kaput and I was afraid I hosed my machine- but alas, it was just the mouse. I hate it when there is a variable that changes other than the variable you're changing.

Today was a big spending day. This morning we went to Target and bought new bath mat rugs: and *ooh* that's pretty, and this is sparkly, and before you know it the cart is full. I had gone to Target yesterday and replaced my Remington razor, which I very much liked but needed new blades, and got tempted by the Braun self cleaner. I was smart this time: I bought extra "stuff" for it so when the blade/cleaner goes I have backup.

We're about to have sleepover company for the first extended time period so we had resolved to buy beds for the other rooms. I ordered a new mattress, and it was delivered this afternoon, so now the basement guest bedroom is complete. We had originally set out to get end tables for both bedrooms as well, but didn't like the particleware available at Target. So to tempt ourselves unnecessarily, we went to our favorite Chinese furniture place, and needless to say, we decided to get a bedroom set. (somewhat like this, but) It's a bed that has the drawers underneath and the fold-out headboard that has secret storage. Next friday, we'll have come close to completely redoing two of our rooms fully in the Chinese style furniture. Tomorrow's task is to get up early and do the painting of the bedroom to prep it for the new furniture. The design on the headboards and end tables is the Bird and Flower, which symbolizes happiness. (The design on my office desk is the interlocking circular pattern symbolizing longevity, but I don't feel the need to be monolithic with one design.)

And, to top it off, I went to Home Depot to get some spackling and should have veered to the no-drill-bit aisle (you know, like the no-candy aisle in the supermarket, but for wayward husbands instead). I discovered air freshening compact fluorescent lightbulbs! They do in fact work fairly nicely and quickly, so I installed them in the light fixture in the kitchen near the litterbox and garbage. I was also tempted by the rosemary topiary (for the smell not the symbolism) and so wound up with a bit more than spackling compound. I did succeed in avoiding purchasing the other pieces in the Ryobi cordless set, despite saleage while quantities last.

So, the house renovation begins to progress once more.

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