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wrapping up the weekend

Even through I'm way beyond tired, I have to put all the happy moments on the page. This was a good mental recharge trip for me- I've been running at a deficit for a while and it was a good chance to have a little fun and do whatever i wanted.

Friday was a quiet nite at niceboots- Pizza Express rocks, and then B5 and nestle into bed. Finished off the first book of HP in about four to five hours.

Saturday, called gothgems and scheduled to meet up, and minutes later, lapis_lazuli called and we decided to meet up for lunch. Had a few pints at Wetherspoons, a truly awesome pub in Docklands, plus curry and desserts. Before long, we were off to Dissolution in Sheffield.

Got tarted after we arrived. New stripey tights and fishnet bodysuit worked out well, and the new big boots were really nice to dance in. Had a great night out.

Back to London on Sunday, followed by a quiet nite at the pub with & at Prospect of Whitby. Trulty everything I'd want in a pub, especially Old Speckled Hen. Back to the flat, we kept chatting until the wee hours about all sort of things. I guess I'm feeling like I've made the starts on a new friendship, which is always a little difficult for me. Most people I keep at arm's length.

Taxi back to Niceboots, and before long it was morning and back off to the states. Home again! So now, off to Canada.

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