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undependable phones, as usual [Nov. 23rd, 2001|04:25 pm]
[Current Mood |lethargiclethargic]

Grrr. My new number apparently does not ring through. I'm resorting to a rube goldberg of having people text/call G. and perhaps she'll reach me at niceboots, and maybe not. I've really had it with phone services, they absolutely stink in the States.

In good news, I had a good time yesterday, took ~60 piccies around Monument and The Tower. Had a good time at the pub, chatted with joanna_theobald, Twiglet and Eleanor, Fluffy and Fuzzy, Clive, juamei, and generally had much cider and black. Bought a pair of new boots- not really sure how tarted I'll get tomorrow, but I'm well prepared. Decided after last night I might not go to the Ballroom tonight, and stay in instead (sorry bootpunk), I'm doing good and I'm really close to pushing myself too hard, so I need to ease off a bit, maybe let my feet recover.

Off to do some chilling out, and see what develops.