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on being missing for a week.

I've been off missing in Ireland for the better part of last week. While it was a good trip, and Ireland is a very pretty, green countryside, there was probably nothing much to ever make me pine to return.

I confess I'm a city boy: i like the feeling of buildings around me and the noises of the city. About the only saving grace of the place I was staying was the fact that it was physically on the campus of the airport, as was the place I was working, so there was at least the occasional ambient noise of that going on.

Cork is the "European Capital of Culture" next year, and everthing is dug up around the town center installing upgraded everything in anticipation. The cheesiest thing was how the planning commission had a logo with five stick-figures holding hands under one of the new lightposts in the city- apparently designed by a local science high-school girl to provide better illumination with less light pollution. I wish I could fid a picture of it- and for all the time I was there, I really didn't have a chance to take any pictures. alas.

The taxi-ride between Shannon (where I arrived) and Cork was about two hours, over some rather bumpy road. I passed through Limerick along the way. All in all, it was a mostly unnotable drive through fairly uniform hills of green pastures, cows, and many many political signs (voting on council, European, and referendum issues was in full swing).

Yesterday, I flew home, getting up at five in the morning to catch my 10am flight back home. I was home in Hackensack by about one-thirty, and wound up crashing out on the couch.

This morning, I was up again at five or so, and puttered around a bit for a few hours, doing some more plastering and weeding the garden. Had a spot of breakfast and then went for a drive, to pick up more plaster and some gasoline for the mower, and to look at jacuzzi spas.

Back this afternoon, and the grass is mown and I've got about one and a half walls plastered.

This week: off to Philadelphia around six thirty tomorrow morning, staying over through Wednesday. Thursday and Friday I'm commuting to Madison, NJ from home, and then my sweetie comes to visit me in the new house this weekend. Yay!

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