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on presidents

We are the mediocre presidents.
You won't find our faces on dollars or on cents!
There's Taylor, there's Tyler, there's Fillmore and there's Hayes.
There's William Henry Harrison, ``I died in thirty days!''
We... are... the... adequate, forgettable, occasionally regrettable
Caretaker presidents of the U-S-A!
-- President's Day Pageant, ``I Love Lisa'', The Simpsons

The first president I can remember was Jimmy Carter. I remember my parents speaking well of the man, and I remember a sign appearing on Route 80 listing the distance to the Delaware Water Gap in miles and kilometers, and remember that this had something to do with Carter being president.

I remember being nearly universally reviled in school when I said I thought Carter should beat Reagan. I really didn't understand things too well back then- I'm fairly sure I was just aping my parent's opinion.

I remember seeing Reagan's farewell address on television- it was the first presidential speech I recall in any depth. I couldn't understand why they called this person "the great communicator". it made no sense to me. I remember having the impression that this man was being excessively eulogized in a way that made me feel uncomfortable.

Bush/Dukakis was the first presidential election I was allowed to vote in. I voted, as I did with Clinton/Bush, Clinton/Dole, and Bush II/Gore.

And now, a poll.

Poll #304596 Greater president/ greater man?

Greater President?

Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan


Greater Man?

Jimmy Carter
Ronald Reagan



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