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the week so far

25-May 9am movers arrive
25-May 10am finish packing
25-May 2pm movers leave
25-May 5pm walkthrough of new house- everything beautiful. Flowers in bloom.
25-May 11pm finish shampooing rug
26-May 6am breakfast
26-May 1pm finish odds and ends and leave, move cat.
26-May 2pm close sal of house, become homeless
26-May 3pm have McD lunch
26-May 4pm buy new home
26-May 5pm realize it's ours
26-May 10pm movers arrive
26-May 10pm eat chinese takeout
27-May 1am movers finish
27-May 2am fall asleep
27-May 5am leave for philly
27-May 8am look perky for client. Not.

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