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Light Dispelling Darkness

At Roosevelt Park in Metuchen, NJ there is a Depression era fountain created by Waylande Gregory entitled "Light Dispelling Darkness". Having lived not too far from it for years yet somehow having missed seeing this bit of "Weird NJ", I decided to do some more testing of my new camera (Sony DSC828) in the infrared using that subject. Much to my delight and yet defeat, it appears to be in the process of being restored. It was a cold, cold day, but nonetheless, it was braved to take a few pictures...

the first four (color) pictures were taken using the Hoya RM72 infrared filter in "nightshot" mode, with an additional Hoya ND8 filter for exposure. Black and white versions of all photos are given below each color photo. The last two pictures are taken using a Tiffen Orange #21 filter, the first in nightshot and the second in regular exposure (i.e, the lower right pictures are visible, not infrared, light) . It is clear that infrared light largely dominates the exposure of the picture when "nightshot" is enabled, however the interesting factor is the ability to add back a small amount of visible light to give much greater differentiation of colors. I'm definitely going to see what can be accomplished playing with this.

I'm using a custom white balance in all of the photos, using the Sony Camera RAW editor supplied as a downloadable plug-in to Adobe Photoshop CS.

More information about Waylande Gregory here.

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irtest01.jpg (124154 bytes) irtest02.jpg (71380 bytes) irtest03.jpg (127087 bytes)
irtest04.jpg (113467 bytes) irtest05.jpg (64831 bytes) irtest06.jpg (119382 bytes)
irtest07.jpg (123568 bytes) irtest08.jpg (133112 bytes) irtest09.jpg (171604 bytes)
irtest10.jpg (113224 bytes) irtest11.jpg (115819 bytes) irtest12.jpg (150272 bytes)

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