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Infrared, Ultraviolet, and Visible Imagery

All images taken Feb 22, 2004 from Edgewater, NJ. Click thumbnails to view.

Visible reference image. Grant's Tomb and Riverside Church, Harlem, NYC. Image is unfiltered, F4.0, ISO 100, 1/800 sec exposure, using Olympus C-4000 digital camera. Image cleaned and sharpened in Adobe Photoshop and ABSoft NeatImage Pro.

Same image as visible reference above, taken using 58mm Hoya R72 infrared filter, F2.8, ISO 100, 1/2 sec exposure. I have chosen not to desaturate as usual, and instead I'm using the same procedure often applied to Sony IR images, which involves Adobe Photoshop "Autolevels", swapping the blue and red channels in Channel Mixer (red=100% blue, green=100% green, blue=100% red), deselecting green and increasing saturation 50%. This enhances the minor differences in color response to differing frequencies of infrared. Image cleaned and sharpened in ABSoft NeatImage Pro.

Same image as visible reference above, taken using 58 mm B+W 403 UV black filter, F2.8, ISO 100, 8 sec exposure. Adobe Photoshop "autolevels". This filter allows both ultraviolet and infrared light to pass, resulting in a rather different set of final colors. The clouds and water are heavily blurred due to the strong wind. Image cleaned and sharpened in ABSoft NeatImage Pro.

Two exposures, one similar to the visible reference, and one using the Hoya R72, were combined to generate this image. The red channel is derived from the infrared, the green channel is derived from the red visible, and the blue channel is derived from the greeen visible, simulating Kodak Ektachrome IR film. The short time gap between exposures is most noticable in the cloud, which is marred by a slight colored shadow.

Visible reference image, George Washington Bridge, NYC

Ultraviolet image, GWB as above.

Comparing this with here, I think my work is getting better/more interesting. Ansel Adams wrote in his books on photography that the student should pick one image, and keep coming back, taking that same image, rather than occupying themselves hunting for a lot of different snapshots. I think I should take advantage of the accessibility I have with NYC and continue refining and reworking these shots.

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