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I'm working myself up to purchasing a new digital camera, the Sony DSC-F828. In preparation, I've purchased a UV Black #403 filter from B+H. I also bought a stepup adapter to check the filter out on my existing camera.

I anticipated that the response would not be very good: indeed, the image was severely underexposed at the maximum 4 second exposure of my Olympus. However, I was able to get a couple shots out of my office window.

please note I haven't made any attempt to focus or compose these tests. Images "autocorrected" in Adobe Photoshop. I think that once I get a good camera, with longer exposure and the blocking filter removed, I should be able to get much better shots. I also need to take grey card shots to correct some of the garish color. Apparently the UV block will pass some IR as well, so we'll see with the IR block removed on the 828, if I can use that as a singular uv/ir filter.


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