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dear property tax man

I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did for us last year. I know you must have done a good job, because you got a nice little 3.5% raise from all of us when so many of us were just barely lucky enough to keep our jobs. I realize what a difficult job it must be, printing out those nice little stick-on calendar labels for "due august 1" and all, seeing as it took you until this weekend to actually mail the bill to us. I want you to feel better, and don't feel like you need to apologize for the eight percent increase in school budgets. I understand that running a government agency is hard work.

I have one request. Please talk to the income tax man. While he seems to feel so gloomy about the cut in pay he's taken over the last few years, please explain to him that we pay him more every year, and that his pay has only dropped in relative terms, not total amount. Perhaps with your years of service, you can explain to him better what is going on. I would hate to see his poor attitude impact the project timeline for those rocket-cars and martian colonies any further.

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