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  • purchased new phones for LL and myself: finally obtained the much-coveted Smartphone upgrade. Thankfully, I paid $200 less than list thanks to an upgrade provision in my contract and a rebate.
  • Saw "The Matrix, Reloaded" today. Good film. Better than the first one, actually. I was most amused by the ten year old next to me, who was clearly bored for most of it. I like that: an R rated movie should bore children.
  • Bought a pile of new books, too. I'm glad to see that there's something worth reading out there. I was beginning to lose hope.
  • Weather, allergies, and general situation have brought me down a bit. I'd like to begin feeling better, now, going forward, please.
  • New word of the day: brachistochrone. Greek, means "shortest time".

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